Do it for science

Monday April 22 2013 @ Prestonwood Country Club Cary, NC #3DayWeekend


Since 2008, the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association of North Carolina has awarded more than $250,000 in scholarships and grants to K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math teachers, and college students majoring in STEM-related degrees.

Please join us to continue this successful and rewarding tradition by playing in, and/or sponsoring our 3Day4Science Scholarship Golf Tournament.

STEM education and related industries are a major backbone of Research Triangle Park and the State of North Carolina; your participation will further cement STEM as part of the diverse identity of this State.

The grant we received from you made it possible to add books to our classroom and school libraries for children to read on science topics. As a result, 303 kindergartners and First Graders have been busy reading ” information” books on a variety of topics. Many Thanks for this opportunity from AFCEA-NC.

On behalf of the fourth grade at Pope Elementary we would like to say thank you for your extreme generosity. This year our fourth grade classes dissected earthworms and owl pellets, made some pretty complicated electrical switches, and took a field trip to The Museum of Natural Science in Durham, North Carolina. Without your award, these are the things that would not have been possible. We are putting the fun back into learning at Pope!

This is my first grant from you while teaching for Liberty Christian Academy, but over the past 15 years while I taught at another local school I received nine different awards.  From these very generous awards, I was able to purchase … televisions, computers, adaptors that allowed us to play from our computer to the television, a specialized microscope that attached to the computer and screen, allowing each student access, a wonderful interactive JEOPARDY game system, and finally, an indispensible SMARTboard and remotes.  This year, with your generous award (2012), Liberty Christian Academy will be able to purchase its very first SMARTboard for use in our high school science classes.  The Science Teaching Tools Grant has been a tremendous blessing to us and we thank you for it.

We used our award from AFCEA to purchase laboratory equipment for our Advanced Placement physics course.  Those students have made excellent use of the equipment throughout the course.  As I write this, they are preparing to do lab investigations on rotation motion that would not be available to them without the new equipment.  Our other physics students have also benefitted from our new equipment with increased exposure and hands-on access to physics phenomena that I would not have been able to include in previous years. We do appreciate AFCEA’s support and it has made a tangible improvement in our physics program at Fayetteville Academy.

AFCEA has helped East Hoke Middle establish a STEM Center. The STEM Center is supervised after-school by Aticila Mormando who wrote the grant to AFCEA. The center serves as an after-school venue for students to conduct their science projects and experiments. The STEM Center had been inspiring students to work on different hands-on, interactive, challenging and inquiry-based STEM activities.

I would like to thank you for providing the students in the classes I teach, the opportunity to have materials to conduct science activities using probes and tracks. In this age of technology, it is nice to have materials to support the technology component of science education. Students have enjoyed the activities that we have completed thus far. To have students enjoy activities while learning difficult concepts is fantastic, as we move further into the course, we will continue to use the materials.